Storm Water Compliance

Storm Water Pollution Prevention, Compliance and Maintenance

It is Downstream Services, Inc.'s pledge to ensure the environmental integrity of our community's storm water conveyance systems by addressing storm water pollution prevention. Federal, State, and local regulations require storm water conveyance systems to be maintained and serviced on a recurring basis.

These laws were established to ensure the systems are effectively removing contaminants from the storm water runoff, thereby preventing storm water pollution from entering into our waterways.

Downstream Services, Inc. has dedicated a separate division to developing and implementing Preventative Maintenance Programs (PMP) to guarantee NPDES compliance of all forms of storm water treatment systems.

Integrating effective Best Management Practices (BMPs), our Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control will customize a program to include the following:

  • Assessment of the Storm Water Conveyance System
  • BMP Recommendations and Guidelines
  • Pipe Inspection, Installation and Sewer Cleaning Services
  • Storm Water Lab Analysis, Pollution Disposal and Manifesting
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Compliance Certification Report

Proper installations and scheduled maintenance of erosion control measures are key to the success of storm water conveyance systems. Downstream Services, Inc. works with various manufacturers of storm water management products in order to provide a wide variety of pre and post construction BMPs for our clients.

Federal law requires that all "collected" discharge from a cleaning operation be sampled and tested to profile and characterize the waste for final disposal.

The cleaning of storm water conveyance systems may generate wastewater and debris which is considered "Regulated Waste Discharge." It may contain pollutants such as paint, oil, fuel and others. Downstream Services, Inc. is licensed to manage, transport, and dispose of regulated waste and will follow chain of custody procedures to insure proper compliance with the appropriate disposal facility.

Downstream Services, Inc.'s dedicated team is annually certified in Confined Space Entry, as well as HAZWOPER and CPR First Aid. Confined Space Entries are conducted in compliance with our own written Confined Space Plan and procedures based on both State and Federal OSHA requirements. Experienced in all forms of storm water conveyance systems, stormwater management and storm drain filters, we install and maintain the following:

Hydrodynamic Separator Units

Storm Drain Filters

Wet Vaults

Catch Basins

Detention & Retention Basins

Biological Swales

Groundwater Treatment System

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